Vogelaar vredehof

'The top fruit specialists for more than 85 years'


  • Krabbendijke

    The head office is located in Krabbendijke, at the heart of the major fruit growing region in the south west of the Netherlands, strategically situated between the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen.

  • Enspijk

    Vogelaar Vredehof also has branch in Enspijk, which is in the other major fruit growing in the Netherlands: the Betuwe.
  • Freigne, Frankrijk

    In 1998, Sarl Atlanpom was founded in Freigne, France. Freigne is located in one of the important fruit growing regions in France: the Loire valley. In cooperation with a group of affiliated growers, Atlanpom can produce a wide range of varieties over a long period. Atlanpom has its own cooling and grading and sorting facilities. It serves a customer base that includes supermarket chains, national wholesalers and international import companies.
 http://www.atlanpom.com/ atlanpom LA CHENELIÈRE - BP38 - 49440 FREIGNÉ - FRANCE - TÉL : ++33 (0)2 41 94 40 40 - FAX : ++33 (0)2 41 94 41 41 - e-mail : contact@atlanpom.com
  • Juromenha, Portugal

    In 1975, Jurofrutas, Lda. was acquired in Portugal with 220 hectares of land. Jurofrutas is situated in Juromenha on the Rio Guadiana close to the Spanish border. The specific climate in this region allows new apples and pears to be marketed very early in the season. Over the past years, Jurofrutas has concentrated on specialising in stone fruit production (nectarines, pavia peaches and apricots) and has invested in hail nets to protect the fruit. Furthermore, we have started organic cultivation of apples and pears and will expand this because of the suitable climate. Jurofrutas has its own sorting and packing facilities. JUROFRUTAS - Herdade Monte Branco, Juromenha-Juromenha (Nossa Senhora do Loreto) 7250-242 JUROMENHA