Passie hardfruit (appels)


Vogelaar Vredehof focuses on long-term collaboration with growers and retailers. This enables us to continue to develop, innovate and respond to current market conditions together. SPRANK is a very good (and tasty!) result of this.

In the Netherlands we work closely with around 80 fruit growers. Thanks to their participation in a sustainability program they work together with nature as much as possible and are committed to increasing biodiversity and reducing the climate impact. This program is audited by independent certification bodies. The long-term relationships help growers do business with more certainty.

In the northern hemisphere’s growing season we often work with growers in Belgium, France and Italy, while during the growing season in the southern hemisphere we work with growers in New Zealand, Chili and South Africa. Our network also includes a number of organic growers.

A special pre-ripening process means we can also supply ready-to-eat fruit. If required we can ensure the entire supply chain is cooled from source to the point of delivery.

Passie hardfruit assortiment


At Vogelaar Vredehof, we partner tradition and innovation. The extensive range of modern machines enables the desired sorting by size, color and quality – both externally and internally.

We provide a wide variety of packaging options such as banderole, sticker tray (mono material), food containers with PVC-free stretch film, bags, trays, buckets, laid loose on pulp packing sheets or in display boxes. We help with suitable solutions and sustainable choices. The material is mostly mono-material and recyclable.

Our own fleet of vehicles transports the graded and packed fruit to national and international destinations. All our drivers are trained on a yearly basis to keep the quality level of our transport as high as possible



Marketing is the foundation for good sales. Vogelaar Vredehof supports you in the process of making the right choices and positioning the category by providing analysis, planning and implementation services. Product management and packaging play a crucial role in this respect. Key here are constant innovation, communication, continuing to surprise and greater sustainability. In the Netherlands, Vogelaar Vredehof is the dedicated Strategic Partner of Albert Heijn for top fruit.