In the position of Quality Controller you are jointly responsible for the quality inspection of our apples and pears. WHAT DOES YOUR DAY LOOK LIKE? After starting up your PC, you start the day with a short planning meeting. You see that there is already a load of apples waiting to be inspected. Thanks to the fine training process, you have the right knowledge to properly assess the batch of apples. The cargo has been approved and you register all your findings. Then you make a check round during the sorting and packaging process. You look at the quality of the products and you notice that there is a problem with the packaging process. You investigate the cause, solve it and report this to colleagues.

The telephone rings: there is freight waiting at the expedition, you check it and agree so that they can be loaded. After this, you check your mail and request data from growers and packing stations to process in our system. At the end of the day, you and your team discuss the day and clean up. You go home with a satisfied feeling, because thanks to you millions of consumers can enjoy their apple or pear.