Working at Vogelaar - together the best in top fruit, every day!

Sorting and packing, purchasing and selling, transporting and cooling top fruit for the world’s major retailers is part and parcel of the daily activities at Vogelaar. We handle 100 million kilos of apples and pears every year! 


On an average day at our branches in Krabbendijke and Enspijk, around 100 employees are hard at work ensuring everyone can enjoy the very best, delicious apples and pears at any moment of the day! Each employee is a vital link in the chain: from the person who selects the fruit for the right size and quality on the sorting line to the operator who inspects quality; from the packer who packs the processed product to the purchaser responsible for buying the right fruit. Each individual is an essential link in the team.

"100 million kilos of apples and pears, as easy as pie?"

Flexibility and quality

Sorting and packing, purchasing and selling, transporting and cooling top fruit for various customers is part and parcel of our daily work at Vogelaar. The diverse range of our packing and sorting machines allow us to respond rapidly to the requirements of the customer. The short communication lines within the organisation contribute to our flexibility. Working at Vogelaar automatically means that you too are flexible and willing to think beyond the limits of nine-to-five. This mentality equips us to deliver the right quality, even in peak periods. The art is correctly balancing quality and quantity. The entire team makes every effort to supply the product quickly without ever losing sight of the all-important quality.

Our organisation is divided into various departments:

Fruit packing station  
Responsible for sorting, grading and packing the fruit in line with specific customer requirements.

Ensures consistent and uniform product quality.

Responsible for tasks including order picking and loading and unloading trailers.

Technical service:
Ensures that the sorting and packing machines are maintained in full working order and solves technical problems and malfunctions.

Responsible for tasks including administrative processing and bookkeeping.

Develops and updates the HR policy.

Procurement and sales:
Purchases and trades fruit, for both the domestic and export markets.

Contributes to boosting sales opportunities and manages consumer information based on the customers’ formulas.

National and international distribution.