Rode Goudreinette


A.k.a. Schone van Boskoop. It's not quite sure if  Rode Goudreinette is a derivative of Reinette van Montvoort or an independent breed developed in 1853 by P.A. Ottolander in Boskoop. From 1863 the apple variety spread out through the lowlands.

Suitable for:
Cooking Apple, ideal for applesauce and apple pie.

The apples are dull yellow to light. The color depends on the substrate. In orchards with grass the colors are more intense than in orchards with soil.

The apples are ready for picking in October. Schone van Boskoop is a sturdy, sour apple and has a dry, sometimes raw, peel. The core is small and has few seeds. Because the apple is tart and firm, it is often used for products that are heated.