Especially juicy, fresh and sweet with almost no sour. That is Fuji, which originated in Japan and introduced in 1962. Most flavor is in its hull. It grows mainly in southern European countries but also in Australia, China and Japan. A real globetrotter! Fuji is green or yellow-green and decorated with pink, brown-red, dark red or violet stripes. Perfect as eating apple. Fuji is picked from the end of October and available from late November.

Fuji from South Tyrol (Italy)
With an average of 300 sunny days per year the Fuji from Italy is at its best. The apples grow in the valleys and on the fertile slopes of the Italian South Tyrol. They are grown with respect for the environment. Delicious and pure nature! This shows by the certification of Designated Geographic Protection (PGI).

Cross breed:
Red Delicious x Ralls Genet

eating apple

The ground color is green to yellow-green, the body color varies from pink to brown or dark red-violet striped.

The sugar content (Brix) of the Fuji is usually around 14%. The apples also have a high content of flavonoids, 30% more than in Jonagold, but most flavonoids are in the skin of the apple. The harvest time is late October and late November is the fruit eetrijp There are several mutants. The most cultivated his Nagafu ',' Red Sport ',' Aki Fu ',' Yataka 'and' Kiku '