A real summer apple! Tasty, juicy, fresh and sweet with a hint of anise. Furthermore, this apple smells a bit like roses! Delcorf origins in France but is now mainly grown in the Netherlands and Belgium. The apple has a round to slightly cone-like shape and a yellow-green color. Inside it is creamy and soft to firm. Delcorf is picked from mid-August and available until late October.

Cross breed:
Young Rimes x Golden Delicious

Eating apple and apple sauce

Large, cone-shaped apple with an orange-red blush and stripes on the sunny side.

Delcorf can be harvested in mid-August, and stored until mid-October. The fruits are fine meaty and have a particularly good flavor. In ordinary'Delcorf' is several times by picking necessary to have a beautiful skin color. 'Delcorf' Early and very productive, but sometimes biennial. Therefore, a premature fruit thinning is necessary. Color mutants of' Delcorf are 'Dalili' (Ambassy), 'Red Delcorf' (Eversdijk), 'Monidel' and 'Sissi Red'.